Founder of Excited about Aging and the developer of Creativity
Toolbox for Seniors, Lian is an working Fiber Artist, and teacher.
A graduate of the school of Visual Arts in NY, Lian has had a
dynamic career spanning 25 years as an artist, writer, and business
consultant. Really, whether you introduce new ideas with brushes and paint or a computer mouse, develop concepts for helping others understand complex data, or create innovative ways to manage people and resources, it is all creativity.

Creativity Toolbox came about through Lian’s work as a Hospice volunteer and long standing interest in understanding and enriching the third stage of life. This led to working directly with seniors and creating the Creative Mind Workshops, which use techniques like collage, group story and photographs to allow seniors of any capacity to express themselves through the extraordinary door of the imagination. Joyful Art For Special Seniors Programs, focusing on art for Alzheimer/Demenia seniors are taught at Abington Arts Center and other centers. in PA.

Much Research supports the brilliant effect creativity has on the aging brain, solidifying the value of this work. Lian has moved to the next level with her Excited about Aging web-hub, where provocative and insightful interviews with senior artists and athletes are showing other seniors possible ways of expanding their minds and opening their hearts to the power of aging as an adventure. Find out more about lian's work and activities at Artistic

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