Creativity-the Key to Proactive Aging
Did you know that doing anything creative is good for your mind, your health and well being? In fact, aging expert Dr. Gene Cohen says "Our brain function and creative potential don't diminish as other body systems do." "Art is like chocolate for the brain."
"If you want to reduce your chances of going senile, take up sculpting. To lower your odds of getting cancer, learn to play the piano. Want to fend off depression, diabetes and other debilitating illnesses? Write that novel you’ve always dreamed about."

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This simple idea is the thrust behind Creativitytoolbox for Seniors. Create a context and a gateway for seniors to feel comfortable with the computer and have positive experiences with simple creativity tools, and they will keep coming back, and will enhance their own health and well being through these experiences. Recent research demonstrates that higher overall ratings of physical health, fewer doctor visits, less medication use, fewer instances of falls, and better morale were all attributed to creativity programming. This makes creative activities well worth a seniors time and support healthy, pro-active aging.Find out more. Of course, not everyone views themselves as brave, capable or talented. Therefore, you can make your own cartoons here. Or doodle, read senior poetry, reminisce, make music, and lots more. We have also built the site with large-size type and easy directions. That way, positive first-time experiences are more likely. Our goal is revving up the creative muscles, because that is what generates well being.
Creativity Toolbox is a program to support robust aging in a simple, joyful manner.
Please join us. It is free to individuals, organizations and community centers are asked to subscribe.

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CRTBX is the brainchild of artist, Lian Sawires, interested in contributing to the health and well being of others.Find out more about her, here. 

"To live more complete lives, we have a responsibility to nurture the right side of our brains"
-- Jeannet Winterson